Trusted Advisor

"When we started searching for our dream house, we knew the realtor selection would be one of the most important decisions we would make in the process, as both our bar and the market conditions set the expectations high. On one hand, we were first time buyers in the US and did not understand the process very well. While, on the other hand, we are quite experienced by having properties elsewhere and a clear idea of what house we wanted to buy. We also had a relatively short time period to find the house, as our lease was expiring and we did not want to find a temporary rental. Couple this up with record low inventory and houses being snagged within hours of being put on the market. In all this we wanted to have someone who could be a trusted advisor: having an opinion and voicing that, but without the used car salesman approach of just wanting the sale to be done at all costs. In all of this David Park was great. We've seen tons of houses, and sorted out through an order of magnitude higher. We've been through a couple of competitive bids that we unfortunately lost; but thankfully with David's help we deployed the right strategies and did not succumb to a bidding fever at all costs. David was always very patient and available almost 24/7, including weekends. At the end it all paid off as we found the ideal house. The process of closing was also exemplary. We knew given the market temperature that we needed to act fast. We saw the house the day it came on the market, a Friday. Made a bid the same day, and reached a non-binding agreement over the weekend. Monday was a holiday, notwithstanding, David was able to arrange an inspection and as such ultimately reached a binding agreement. A couple of months after the sale closed I had a brief conversation with the seller's realtor. She actually mentioned that she regretted closing so fast, as she got so many inquires afterwards and likely the house could have fetched a higher price. In the end, it pays to have someone good on your side" - Sakalus, Lakemont