Compassionate, Accommodating and Caring Professional

David Park is a compassionate, accommodating and caring professional. As a first time home buyer, I had many questions that he was able to answer almost immediately. Whether it was on weekends, late nights or early mornings, David was always available. He was with me throughout the entire process from initial questions on buying a home, showing you different properties, submitting offers, setting up a mortgage and closing.
In total, David showed me 15 different properties and when I wanted to re-see a couple of them, he was more than happy to pick me up and drive me to them.
David has lots of experience, strategies, and knowledge which ultimately landed me my first home. If it weren't for his recommendations on purchase price and escalation clauses, I would not have been able to find the optimal price where the seller and I were both happy.
David is well connected in the real estate space. Through his connections with a great lender, I was able to close within 20 days instead of the typical 30 days. This was definitely another reason why my offer got selected.
With the help of David, I'm happy to say I am a proud, new home owner. - Park, Seattle